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With two decades in the heating business under our belts, we have a lot of experience of what the public want in heating. Falcon Fires owes its success to the quality of its original design ideas, but just as important, the continued growth in sales is due to the confidence shown in the product and in the ability of everyone here at Falcon Fires.

Design, detail and efficiency are very often overlooked in endeavours to keep costs down. But not with the Falcon Fires range of Stoves & Fires. Their clean looks, low emissions and a superb high efficiency, combined with its many user features, leaves us clear ahead of the opposition.

The unequalled quality and build detail is obvious in every finish, each joint, and every frame finished by hand and the careful eyes of our experienced build team. In fact, every stove comes with a unique number that identifies all of the product detail and, of course, an identifying number that is proudly embossed by the craftsman who finishes your new stove.

Our design and production teams have qualifications ranging from Gas Combustion to Quality Control which ensures the careful production of each product through to its completion. We see the importance of training and when coupled with Quality production methods we can then guarantee the production of Gas Appliances to the highest standards.

When I first considered designing a Gas Fuel-effect Fire in 1986, I laid down three strict guidelines as to what the finished product should be and they are Quality, Realism and Efficiency.
Of course I realised as the design progressed that the original three parameters weren't separate at all, but all linked together. By using "Quality" as the keyword in the design the other two followed automatically, creating a realistic and efficient gas fire proven to be second to none.

Our unique design is one where diffused flames lick around the ceramic coals exactly reproducing the way real coal burns. Only our coals last a lifetime and there's no ashes to clean out the next day!

For those who like a focal point of a real fire in the home but don't want all the real drawbacks, we ensure warmth with convenience, while installation is done with the minimum of fuss.

  • Latest in refractive design & insulative materials.

  • Convenience with heat that you can defintely warm to.

  • We have a fire to suit you, each designed to fit your fireplace opening.

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