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Falcon Clear Room Divider Stove

Falcon Wood Burning Stoves Are truly unique!

Not alone do they have a clean contemporary look in a variety of colors, but their functionality is unsurpassed. For example the Falcon room divider has a damper mechanism which fits cleanly into the front fascia and allows the user to load fuel from either side. Both doors have primary air and Air wash system to enable complete combustion and at the same time keeps the glass clean.

All Falcon Wood Stoves have a unique ash disposal tray which has a hidden cover, preventing ash from blowing everywhere in our windier weather. And a well balanced, fold out handle to allow one handed carrying. Adjustable legs allow the appliance to be leveled when fitting. Tempered safety glass. Textured or gloss finishes. The Heat recovery foils hidden behind the outer panels keeps accidental touches without risk of being burnt when normal stoves would burn skin, these unique foils actually increase heat output to your home. But, as with any well designed appliance, our primary purpose was to produce a Stove that works well, controllable and efficient. Our design team have spent a year of their lives ensuring that you get a durable functional appliance that complements your home.

We at Falcon Stoves are proud of our products. We hope you will be also.

Falcon Wood Buring Stove Demonstration

Sample Colours
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Ocean Blue

Pearl Night Blue

Pearl Ruby Red

Pine Green

Purple Red

Ruby Red

Stone Grey

Key Features
  • Colour choice

  • Airwash

  • Unique ash disposal tray

  • Adjustable legs

  • Tempered safety glass

  • Textured or gloss finishes

  • Fuel efficient
  • Dimensions

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